Mauro Harsch has recorded a Cd, distributed in Europe, Australia and the United States.
All profits from it are devolved to our Foundation. 


The new edition is now available!


  W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)

        Sonata in B flat major K. 570 (click here to listen to demo)
        Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" K. 265 (click here to listen to demo)

F. Chopin (1810-1849)
        Waltz in D flat major Op. 64 N. 1 (click here to listen to demo)
        Waltz in C sharp minor Op. 64 N. 2 (click here to listen to demo)
        Waltz in D flat major Op. 70 N. 3
        Waltz in A flat major Op. 69 N. 1
        Ballade in G minor Op. 23 (click here to listen to demo)




 Mozart interpreted with much sensibility, precise phrasing, clarity, gentleness and intensity.

Enrica Mantovani, Animato

Harsch presents four of Chopin’s Waltzes and the Ballad
e in G minor op. 23, dedicated above all to bringing out the intense – albeit changeable in its moods - poetic vein of these works: Harsch has identified and brings forth the characteristics of each piece, with relish and sincere emotional impetus.

Fernando De Carli, Corriere del Ticino

Works performed with clear, polished, sure and brilliant technique, interpreted above all with great insight and style, hall-marked by convincing and positive personality.

Renato Grisoni, L'Informatore

The rendering of the sound is technically excellent,  particularly for a live recording, and we are at the peak of  pianistic artistry: not a lapse in concentration, not a single capricious distraction from the musical tension, and fingers of steel for layers of velvety colour.  Centering everything on interior honesty, Mauro Harsch expresses the true joy of playing and of communicating.  His interpretations are recommended to every lover of great music.

Giovanni Beretta, Giornale del Popolo

Ars Dei CD-100
Mauro Harsch plays Mozart and Chopin
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